Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tulsa Earthquake : Hits Oklahoma Hard

The united states Geological Survey noted a small earthquake that shook up OK shortly after 9 a.m.
The quake’s middle was estimated to become about six miles east of Norman, Oklahoma, south of OK City and near the southeastern shore of Lake Thunderbird.
The earthquake was measured at close to four.three around the Second Magnitude Scale.
Two individuals have been noted to endure from injuries because of towards the earthquake.
1 guy fell off of a ladder and is currently in good condition, based on Emergency Health-related Companies Authority spokeswoman Lara O’Leary. The other incident’s detail is still unknown but is reportedly in good situation, too.
Damages due to the earthquake are mostly concerning broken windows according to reviews type the OK Emergency Management.
In the Tulsa region, no reports of damage have been obtained by torrents of calls and emails went towards the KJRH newsroom just moments after the quake.
1 resident, Daniel Stines, shared his expertise via his News 2 Share device on his cellular phone. He said, “My bed shook for three seconds and the doors and picture shook too. It was insane feeling. I’ve been on this earth for 31 years and it’s my initial earthquake.”


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